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Gerald Endsley

Welcome to Tromba Publications' fine products for brass players. We have sheet music for ensembles, solo, with concert band, brass quintets and more. Books and sheet music from the following catalog (scroll down) can be ordered direct, by phone or fax . We accept checks and VISA.

Nov 1st, 2016 - We are in the process of updating this website to make ordering much easier. In the mean time if you have any questions or would like to place an order, please contact Marguerite Endsley or by phone: 720-938-6519

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Eichborn/Simms - The Old Art of Clarion Playing - $8.00
Dr. Eichborn's treatise of 1881 has been translated with additional notes by Bryan Simms, an excellent trumpeter and musicologist. It deals with Baroque performance practice of the late 18th century and is a staple of the scholar/trumpeter's library.
Endsley G - A Compilation on the use of the word; Trumpet (and like terms) in Literature $20.00
This is an alphabetical listing by author of occurrences of the word, trumpet, horn bugle etc. as gathered by the editorís reading. Entries include quotes from the bible and the works of Shakespeare. An introduction by the editor explores the extra musical history of the trumpet and the brass family in general.
Endsley G - The Irreverent and Largely Irrelevant Dictionary of Musical Terms $8.00
From the Tromba Humor Series, this dictionary does not contain one authentic definition. It will, however, provide many a side-splitting hour for any musician.
Endsley G - A Sesquicentennial Celebration $20.00
A History of the Denver Municipal Band
Endsley G - Trumpet Mouthpiece Guide $18.00
The only book of its kind, it contains mearurements of hundreds of mouthpieces, conveniently cross-referenced. Expert advice on custom work is also provided.
St. James, Melvyn - The Orchestra Trumpeter's Handbook $7.00
Essays on The conductor: The Main Problem, Transposition, Audition Techniques, Mouthpiece selection, and electronic tuners make for tailor made laughter for the trumpeter in particular or any orchestra musician. By Gerald Endsley under "nom de plume."

Brass Ensemble

Brahms/Endsley - Hungarian Dances $25.00
Numbers 3 and 5 for solo trumpet is available in quintet, band and orchestra settings and here has been scored with brass ensemble acc. by Michael Allen.
DiJulio, Max - Fanfare for Uncommon Valor $25.00
Inspired by a visit to the tomb of the "Unknown soldier," Mr. DiJulio has utilized melodic hints of "Taps," "Yankee Doodle," and the 'Marines Hymn" in this powerful and haunting work.
DiLorenzo, Anthony - Heroic Fanfare $35.00
Utilized in promotion for the Barcelona Olympics, this is as dramatic as the title suggests. It is scored for four horns, trumpets, trombones, two tubas and percussion.
DiLorenzo, Anthony - Fanfare for a New World $40.00
Like the Heroic Fanfare, this piece utilizes the Brass Section with a character which reflects Mr. DiLorenzo's knowledge as an expert trumpeter himself. Five horns, three trumpets, three cornets, Baritone, three trombones, tuba and percussion.
Miller, Robert - Fanfare for Brass and Percussion $25.00
Tromba is please to welcome Mr. Miller to its catalog with this dramatic fanfare scored for 4 tpts, 4 hns, 3 tbns, tuba, and an optional complement of percussion.

Brass Quintets

Anon/Dean - Saltarello $15.00
This is one of the first works in the new St. Louis Brass Quintet series. A modal melody is built from off stage trumpet to full on stage quintet in what has become a traditional opener for this fine American Quintet.
Bach, J.S. - Fantasy in G Minor $15.00
This is a virtuoso transcription for brass quintet by Peter Lindblom. Part of the emerald brass series, it challenges all the players.
Bach/Renwick - Six Chorales $7.00
Six Chorales of Bach have been arranged for brass quintet. They are suitable for performance and are of great value in warming up the entire quintet for intonation and dynamics in the practice room as well.
Bizet/Scott - A Carmen Suite $25.00
Brings the best known melodies of the operatic classic to the ambitious brass quintet. It includes: Aragonaise, Intermezzo, Toreador Song, Habanera, Prelude, and Bohemian Dance
Brahms, J. (Endsley) - Hungarian Dances $10.00
The Hungarian Dances #5 and #6 are here interpolated as a virtuoso solo for trumpet and quartet accompaniment. In the "Mendez tradition," it is an exciting and challenging crowd pleaser.
Chang Hao - Meilflormont Dance $15.00
A new and fresh sound for Brass Quintet by one of China's foremost composers.
Dean A (arr.) - Melodies of Mexico $20.00
A sparkling collection of Mexican Folk favorites including "The Mexican Hat Dance" and "La Cucaracha".
Dean A.(arr.) - Music of Renaissance Spain. $18.00
Delinger, Larry - Nightwalls $10.00
brooding and subtle, this difficult work by an American theater composer has traces of "Miles" and Avant-Garde. From the publishers "Autograph" series, it is a rare and esoteric work.
DiJulio, Max - Folksong Fantasy $10.00
The expertise of Mr. DiJulio as trumpeter and arranger are demonstrated in this selection. From plaintive song to jazzy up-tempo portions. the Fantasy is, throughout, a delight for performer and audience.
DiJulio M - A New Christmas Collection $10.00
Short carols in a plaintive new style, These originally scored as songs are provided with the texts than can be interspersed between movements.
DiLorenzo, anthony - Ceremonial March $10.00
Written for a Graduation Ceremony, it has the grandeur and pomp which makes it ideal for any special occasion.
DiLorenzo, Anthony - Short Journey for Brass $20.00
Mr. DiLorenzo adds drums, bass, and keyboard to the standard brass Quintet setting for a rhythmic and funn addition to the literature.
Endsley, Gerald - City Park Fanfare $8.00
This short fanfare with optional percussion was written in 1995 for the re-dedication of City Park in Denver and was premiered by the brass group of the Denver Municipal Band which has performed there for over a century.
Endsley, Shane - Brass in Blue $12.00
This original in a bop style has room for improvisaiton if desired and is a wonderful change of pace for both the formal and educational concert.
Endsley Shane - Marguerite $10.00
This is a pensive lyrical piece for quintet. A new voice in the literature by a young American trumpet/composer.
Foster, S. - A Medley of Foster $15.00
A medley of Foster favorites has been beautifully arranged by Alan Dean as part of the St. Louis Brass Quintet series.
Geminiani/Corelli - Adagio and Gigue $10.00
A baroque classic, it has been expertly arranged for quintet by Peter Lindblom as part of the Emerald Brass Series.
Goff - Vide-Stellum $8.00
Beginning with a mysterious "Gregorian" flavor the piece has a melismatic quality with all the voices participating. Fine writing particulary suited to a "live" room or spacious church setting
Hartmann John - Facilita $12.00
The brilliant cornet solo also available with piano acc. is scored with the solo part in the first trumpet part of the quintet setting.
Joplin/Birkedahl - Sensation Rag $8.00
The master of ragtime is well served by trumpeter Walter Birkedahl in this arrangement of one of the composer's less known rags
MacDowell, Edward - Woodland Sketches $15.00
Peter Lindblom has arranged: A Deserted Farm to Uncle Remus, An Old Trysting Place and In Autumn. They are extremely well done and part of our Emerald Brass Series.
Mozart- Ave Verum Corpus $8.00
One of Mozart's most poignant settings of a sacred text has been tastefully adapted for brass quintet by Mario Bertoluzzi
Mulliken D - The Boy who Cried Wolf $25.00
Narrator and brass quartet. An excellent tongue in cheek piece for school performance
Puccini-Turandot $15.00
From the Emerald Brass Series, Peter Lindblom has tastefully used material from Liu and the Prince's arias plus the finale to create a lyric challenge for the mature quintet.
Puccini - Che Gelida Nanina $12.00
Part of the Palo Verde Brassworks Series, this arrangement by Joe Burgstaller provides a new and engaging lyric style for the Brass Quintet.
Puccini - Nessun Dorma $12.00
This arrangement by Tim Northcut captures the lyrical flavor of one of Puccini's most beloved arieas.
Rhea, Tim- Suite for Brass Quintet $25.00
The three movements, Fanfare, Song and Rag, make for a delightful and challenging piece.
Renwick - Dance $7.00
The Dance since its appearance in 1973 has become a modern American classic. Only a minute long, its jaunty rhythmic stucture has served to make it one of the most played of brass quintets.
Scott W. (arr) - Erin Go Brass $10.00
From one of America's most skilled arrangers, this collection of traditional Irish favorites will prove an audience favorite well beyond St. Patricks Day.
Sousa, J.P. - A Sousa Medley - $15.00
Sousa's best known marches are included in this fine arrangement by Wayne Scott. Part of the St. Louis Brass Quintet series.
Tong, william - Tower of Jewels $12.00
This is a delightful cornet solo in the 19th century style which has been edited by Peter Lindlom for the Emerald Brass Series.
Texidor - Amparita Roca March $10.00
Trumpeter, Gerald Endsley has provided a brilliant transcription of this classic Spanish March including some optional trumpet bravura. It is a sparkling show piece for Brass.
Walond William-Voluntary $12.00
Arranged from a keyboard original, this entry in the Emerald Brass Series is an antiphonal challenge for the two trumpets. It has been arranged by Peter Lindblom.

Multiple Trumpets

Berger, Jean - Sinfonia di San Pertoni $85.00
The Sinfonia is a musical homage to the Italian Baroque trumpet literature discovered by Jean Berger in the 1950's. Composer Berger uses the three trumpets and orchestra in concerto grosso technique to create a modern gem.
Delinger - Fanfare for Seven N.Y. Bach Trumpets $8.00
This piece by Mr. Delinger is based on the musical spelling of the name, Bach -- not J. S. -- but Vincent, the renowned trumpet maker. It was occasioned by their being seven of the maker's early models available for a special occasion.
Key, Francis Scott - The Star Spangled Banner $5.00
The National Anthem is scored for Four Trumpets by Mario Bertoluzzi.
Miller, Robert - Fanfare Ala Tromba $7.00
The Fanfare is short but uses the five (optional six) trumpets with effective power.
Stallings - Just for Lee 4 trpts and rhythm .....$10.00
Like The Opener, this composition provides big band jazz experience for a quartet of trumpets and rhythm. Paced in fast swing, it provides chorus opportunities for trumpets.
Stallings - The Opener 4 trpts and rhythm .....$10.00
Four trumpets and rhythm are set in a fast-pasced number which provides the sense of a big band section. It opens up for choruses for rhythm or trumpet.
Wagner, R. - Lohengrin $15.00
Music from act three (scenes 2 and 3) is scored for four trumpets and organ by Mario Bertoluzzi.

Solo Trumpet and Band

Brahms/Endsley - Hungarian Dances $75.00
This setting for trumpet and band was orginially scored for trumpet solo in the Brass Quintet setting by Gerald Endsley. The solo part is the same and the accompaniment has been provided by Wayne Scott.
DiJulio Max- Rondino $40.00
This is suitable for the high school soloist and is available with a solo trombone part as well.
DiJulio, Max - Shane's Toon $40.00
Available with piano as well, this composition, tailored for the middle school soloist and band provides the same blending of classic and pop styles found in Mr. DiJulio's other compositions.
Handel - Let The Bright Seraphim $25.00
This masterpiece has been scored by Mario Bertoluzzi. Also available with keyboard or original string accompaniment.
Lockwood Normand - Concertino for Solo Trumpet and Winds $75.00
An American master, Normand Lockwood has written a piece which contains the wry subtlety and expertise which is his trademark, but which remains accessible to the good high school soloist and band .
Maury H. - Concertino #1 $45.00
This virtuoso 19th century cornet solo is a favorite in the cornet/piano version. It has been arranged for solo with brass band accompaniment. The treble and bass parts accommodate both English and American styled ensembles.
Thome Francis- Fantaisie for Trumpet $65.00
The Fantaisie has long been considered one of the best of the French repertory for trumpet and piano. It has been scored for band by Wayne Scott and provides an excellent addition to the literature.

Trumpet in Chamber Music

Delinger Larry - Birthday Fanfares $6.00
These are three short pieces for trumpet and trombone containing both lyric passages and complex rhythmic passages.
DiJulio Max - Five Pops Pieces $35.00
This collection includes a Rag, Blues, Dixie, Latin and Ballad and is scored for tpt, cl/sax, tbn, bass and drumss. The music is very accessible and as appropriate for an educational setting as for a club date.
Lancaster - Pastorale for tpt, tbn, and organ or piano $8.00
The Pastorale is a lyrical setting with a triplet feeling throughout. It is very quiet in mood and appropriate for a communion or offertory setting..
Nevin, Jeff - Luckless $25.00
Luckless is scored for trumpet, trombone, and piano, with each part having equal demands. It contains complex rhythms and tonalities. It is a challenge for the Avant Garde musician. It is in three movements.
Prokofiev/Endsley - Peter and the Wolf $50.00
The orchestra version has been arranged by Gerald Endsley for flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet/bass clarinet, trumpet and trombone. It is the complete version and has been used extensively in educational settings.
Stallings - For A Penny $8.00
A unique setting for Fluegelhorn (trumpet) and guitar. A slow bluesy section goes into double time and the form is repeated for improvisation by one or both players. A written "ad lib" as performed by the composer is provided.
Vejvanovsky - Sonata Tribus Quadribus for tpt, tbn, vln, and organ $8.00
This is a facinating piece by a slavic Baroque composer both for its instrumentation and its prevalent key of g minor despite its being intended for the natural trumpet.
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Trumpet Duets

Bertoluzzi M. (arr.) - Ceremonial Music For Two Trumpets $6.00
Handel's "Hornpipe" Backs "Jesu Of Man's Desiring", Clarke's "Voluntary" and a very challenging "Trumpet Gloria" of Dufay are included in the collection
Delinger Larry - Seven Duets for the Advancing Trumpeter $4.00
Larry Delinger has provided material to stretch the musicianship of the younger player. The modest demands of range and technique make them ideal for the middle school player.
Lockwood - Eight Duets for Two B-flat Trumpets $5.00
One of americas's finest composers has contributed eight short duets intended for the stage rather than the practice room. Wry and subtle in their wit, they are miniature masterpieces. .

Trumpet Methods

Notation Guide for Contemporary Trumpet $5.00
This is the Notational Guide for Contemporary Trumpet as developed at the Ghent Conference of 1974. It covers all new music notation including vocal tones, popping the mouthpiece, etc. It is contained in the Hickman: Contemporary Trumpet book as well
Endsley G - Advanced Multiple Tonguing Etudes for Trumpet $20.00
These virtuoso studies will provide a challenge for the most advanced player and are prefaced with an essay on the correct physical approach to this often neglected aspect of brass performance.
Endsley G - An Elementary Approach to Multiple Tonguing for Trumpet $20.00
This volume has exercises ranging from from elementary to moderate difficulty. Most importantly, it has substantial text, outlining the correct mental and physical approach to multiple tonguing so that it serves as a valuable guide for the advanced player wishing to improve speed and clarity.
Endsley - Volume 1 for Trumpet $18.00
A unique book presenting ear training, instrument history, care, and essays on practice approaches in addition to etudes and worksheets for the student. A valuable index of all the skills which the young player must develop to succeed.
Hickman, David - The Piccolo Trumpet Big Book $28.00
A complete compendium for the instrument including history, brands, mouthpieces, transpositions, ornaments and interviews with famous performers. The "Arban" of piccolo.
Hickman, David - The Piccolo Trumpet $18.00
The first and still the standard of its genre. It contains text, etudes, orchestral excerpts and duets, and is written by one of the leading soloists of today.
Hickman, David - The Contemporary Trumpet $18.00
David Hickman has edited the writing of Alfred Blatter and Paul Zonn creating the "Arban Book" of contemporary trumpet technique. Etudes cover all Avant-Garde approaches, and the book includes the Notational Guide of the Ghent conference.
Hickman, David - Trumpet Lessons Vol. I Tone Production $10.00
This is the first of a five part series which is being acclaimed as a major contribution to the modern repertory. Chapters on breathing, vibrato, breath attacks and whisper tones are included.
Hickman, David - Trumpet Lesson Vol. II Embouchure Formation and Warming Up $12.00
This is the continuation of the above series and includes chapters on: warming up, flexibility and cooling down. Extensive consideration of mouthpiece selection is also contained.
Hickman, David - Trumpet Lessons Vol. III Embouchure Development $12.00
This third of five volumes contains instructions on power endurance, upper register mouthpiece selection and placement, warming up, flexibility and cooling down. It has been termed one of the major texts of our time.
Hickman, David - Trpt Lessons Vol. IV Technique: Articulation & Finger Dexterity $12.00
Chapters on technique, articulation and dexterity are addressed in the concise, yet thorough style that characterizes the whole series.
Hickman, David - Trumpet Lessons Vol. V Psychology of Performance $10.00
The "Mental Aspect" of performance success is expertly detailed.
Plog, A - Sixteen Contemporary Etudes $15.00
By one of the country's most respected players and composers, the Sixteen Contemporary Etudes provide a challenge which is idiomatic to the instrument and musically gratifying.
Vacchiano, W. - The Art Of The Solo Trumpet $18.00
Inspired by the early cornetists, this is a collection of fine etudes by one of America's most distinguished trumpeters.
Vacchiano, W - A Compendium of Bugle Calls $20.00
In the introduction, Mr. Vacchiano refers to the bugle as a valveless trumpet. His insight as to the articulation and ear training benefits available through practice of the calls is borne out for anyone who works through the collection.
Vacchiano, W. - Graduate Studies For Trumpet $28.00
As taught at the Juilliard School, these etudes in dual keys provide musical and technical challenge while indirectly assisting transposition as well.
Young - Embouchure Enlightenment $20.00
Written by a player/teacher who during his career at Oberlin and other leading schools turned out some of the best students in the country. It is a "thinking trumpeters" book being largely text with music examples.

Solo Trumpet(s) and Orchestra

Berger, Jean - Sinfonia Di San Petronia $75.00
One of America's foremost composers has created a selection which pays modern tribute to a famous "Baroque School" of Trumpet. It is scored for three trumpets and strings and is of moderate difficulty.
Brahms - Hungarian Dances $65.00
This popular arrangement for Brass Quintet is now available for solo trumpet and Band or Orchestra. Inspired by Raphael Mendez, Trumpeter-Arranger, Gerald Endsly has combined Dances #3 and #5 to create a virtuoso showpiece.
Delinger, Larry - Elegy for John Lennon $35.00
This one movement piece features both lyric and dramatic scoring for the solo trumpet over a bed of string orchestra support.
DiJulio, Max - Toccata and Theme $50.00
Very popular in the setting for Trumpet and Piano, the original version with string orchestra is now available. It is a delightful mix of classic and pop styles.
Donizetti/Signard - Cavatine d'Anna Bolena $7.00
A beautiful "Bel Canto" aria
Handel, George - Let the Bright Seraphim $25.00
This masterwork for soprano and trumpet is here presented with the original string setting as edited by Mario Bertoluzzi.
Purcell, Henry - Trumpet Overture from the Indian Queen $20.00
A wonderful example of brevity and clarity from an English master .Scored for solo trumpet in D and four part strings, it is edited by Mario Bertoluzzi.
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Solo Trumpet and Piano

Arban - Variations on Nabucco $7.00
The Fantaisie provides an exciting vehicle for cornet solo style without excessive demands. No multiple tonguing is required.
Arban - Variations on Zaire $7.00
Based on an aria from Mercantes' Zaira, the Cavatina provides a challenge in handling cadenzas and thirty-second notes in a slow tempo. The quick portion does not call for multiple tonguing yet is exciting.
DiJulio - Rondino $10.00
This is a delightful selection from our Denver Municipal Band series and is suitable for the high school soloist. It is also available for trombone solo with band accompaniment.
Delinger, Larry - Brass Rings $6.00
Written with the young trumpeter in mind, Mr. Delinger provides fresh contemporary sounds within modest demands of range or technique.
DiJulio, M. - Rondino $10.00
This delightful selection also available for trombne, provides a ballad and allegro, is of moderate difficulty and is ideal for the High School player. It is also available with band acc.
DiJulio, Max - Shane's Toon $7.00
This piece inaugurates a new series of publications designed to bring quality music into the reach of the younger player. Similar to the Toccatta above, it requires less range and technical development and is suitable to the jr. high player.
DiJulio, M. - Tocatta and Theme $8.00
Max diJulio brings to the Tocatta his deft and personable "pops" style. an active Allegro frames a lyrical ballad section and a robust coda rounds out the whole. String orch. parts available.
Harman - Facilita $7.00
One of the very best of the cornet literature. A beautiful Andante is followed by the theme and three variations which are of virtuostic proportions. A lovely section in the minor is included in this edition.
Maury - Concertino No. 1 $7.00
The best of four compositions by a contemporary and friend of Arban. Not a variation, but through-composed, it provides a combination of beautiful lyricism and flashing technique. Brass band parts available.
Maury - Concertino No. 2 $7.00
Like the above, a refreshing change from the variation aproach. Opportunities for both lyrical and technical output.
Maury - Concertino No. 3 $7.00
Patterned after the above selections, it is more concise and of more moderate technical demands. No multiple tonguing required.
Maury - Concertino No. 4 $7.00
Between no. 3 and nos. 1+2 in length and technical requirements, it is an excellent cornet solo. A brief triple tonguing passage is included.

Trumpet and Tape

Caviani - A and O? for Trumpet and Tape $30.00
The trumpet part contains Avant-Garde techniques and an extensive solo portion in addition to a coordinated tpt/tape section.

Trumpet Unaccompanied

Endsley - Chant $4.00
Considered a staple of the literature, the chant is in free time. Framed by fanfares, it builds from melismatic lines to a triple tongue section before ending quietly.
Gorder - 1 Point 2 $4.00
Trumpeter/composer Wayne gorder has composed a one movement piece exploring many avant-garde techniques including quarter tones, hummed pitches and palm tones.
Hoffman - Four Miniatures $5.00
The Four Miniatures by trumpeter Edward Hoffman reflect his skill both as player and composer. While difficult, the selections are idiomatic and extremely well written.
Nevin, Jeff - Ocean Prayer $5.00
Trumpeter/Composer Nevin utilizes Avant Garde techniques including playing the instrument into water as part of a challenging piece for the contemporary soloist.
Renwick - Encore Piece $4.00
By the composer of the Dance for Brass Quintet, the Encore Piece features the same active mixed meter style. A short selection, it is as its title suggests: the perfect capper to a recital program. A-a2.
Shadwell - Theme and Variations $5.00
The theme and three variations were composed for solo dancer and trumpet in which form they are often performed. Of moderate difficulty, it stands well as a solo piece and, with dancer, is a recital favorite.
Van Appledorn, Mary Jeanne - Cornucopia $7.00
Dedicated to the Russian trumpeter, Anatoly Selianin, this is a delightful and challenging work. The movements: "Peppermint Twist" and :"Flight of Another Bee" both live up to their titles.
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Trumpets and Voice
(Keyboard Accompaniment)

Aldrovandini/Bassini - Two Italian Songs soprano/keyboard $7.00
Quel Che Dice of G. Bassini and De Torrente of Aldrovandini are both short Da Capo arias with echo effects throughout. Both are in D Major.
Berger, Jean - Sing Ye to the Lord for solo voice or unison chorus and two trumpets. $7.00
From a leading choral composer, Sing Ye To The Lord is drawn from Psalm 96:1-4. Convincing as done by unison chorus or solo voice, it features mixed meter and a "chant-like" quality.
Berger, Jean - Whom Shall I Send For SATB chorus and solo trumpet $10.00 (includes 10 chorus copies).
A short anthem (ca. 2'45") contrasting the solo trumpet with the unaccompanied chorus.
Handel - Bright Seraphim soprano/keyboard $7.00
A masterpiece of the Baroque genre. An extensive Da Capo aria it contains fluid parallel passages for the two lines and ample opportunity for ornamentation.
Handel - Ode soprano/keyboard $6.00
The Eternal Source of Light Divine is from the Ode for Queen Anne of 1713. Though very short it contains excellent pairing of the voice and trumpet lines.
Handel - Revenge (Alexander's Feast) bass/keyboard $7.00
The piece is the equivalent of the Bright Seraphim for high voice. It requires great agility for the voice which is a high baritone/bass in tessitura. An exciting Da Capo aria.
Handel - Trumpets Loud Clangor soprano/keyboard $7.00
In a triple feeling, the Trumpet's Loud Clangor features echo effects between the two parts and the trumpet imitating the martial strike of the drum. A very effective composition.
Purcell - Fife and Harmony of War soprano/keyboard (two tpts and timpani) $8.00
A Tour de Force with martial rhythms in timp. and tpts., the piece is from the St. Cecilia Ode of 1692. In D Major, it contains some of Purcell's most dramatic writing.
Purcell - Thus the Gloomy World soprano/keyboard $7.00
From The Fairy Queen, the selection is superby written. Originally for male alto, it is a Da Capo aria. Again in C Major it affords nice passage work for both participants and utilizes dotted rythms.
Purcell - Two Songs soprano/keyboard $7.00
Both songs are from the 2nd volume of the Orpheus Britannicus. They a are short, not Da Capo form and being in C Major rather than D are thus more accessible to both participants.
Scarlatti, A. - Vaga Cintia $6.00
From the Cantata Endimone and Cintia, the Vaga Cintia has become one of the best known of tpt. and voice selections. With ample room for ornamentation, the piece is suitable to D or picc. tpt.
Stachowicz, Damian - Veni Consolator $7.00
This composition of 1699 features the pairing of the soprano voice and solo trumpet which was a Baroque performance practice. It is an exciting selection featuring both soloists equally.
Stallings - Thinking of You solo voice, 4 tpts and rhythm, $10.00
A contemporary ballad for voice, four trumpets (fluegelhorns) and rhythm section by a skilled trumpeter/arranger and composer. In a slow tempo it affords a wholly fresh vehicle for the voice or trumpet recital.

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